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Allstate Co-Op Insurance in Toledo, OH

There's enough stress involved when it comes to running a business. Reaching new customers, retaining employees, and other responsibilities can feel overwhelming. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, small businesses are scrambling to find inexpensive alternatives to provide their employees with health benefits. This is only adding more stress to business owners, as their premiums continue to rise.

Give your employees the health benefits they need with Allstate Co-Op Insurance. In Toledo, OH, and surrounding areas, the William Swade Agency is making it easier for businesses to take care of themselves and their employees. We offer affordable and effective co-op insurance solutions that help businesses grow.

Co-Op Insurance Policies

Co-op insurance policies function differently from government insurance programs and private health insurance companies. One of those key differences is that a co-op isn't run quite the same way. Every member of the co-op shares ownership. That means that you have a voice in the company, so you can trust that you'll receive health benefits for you and your employees that reflect your values.

Typically, the insurance provider determines what is covered and what isn't covered by your health insurance policy. Since a co-op operates independently from the government and other health care providers, what can be counted as a claim is decided by the co-op. We put patients first, ensuring that members receive coverage they need at prices they can afford.

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Co-Op Insurance Helps Your Business Grow

Business owners have enough costs to deal with - providing health benefits to their employees shouldn't be the sort of thing that prevents them from thriving. Co-op insurance offers a different way for employers to attract employees than having to get employees to agree to expensive government or private health care plans.

Our agency has the tools and the experience to set up your business with co-op insurance. We work hard to get you health coverage on your terms. We encourage tough questions and are happy to provide helpful answers. Our business is about bringing you peace of mind, and we do so in all phases of commercial insurance, be it health, personal liability, or for other property.

A review of your insurance is totally free, so there's no risk on learning more about co-op insurance. If you can't see us during normal business hours, we'd be happy to schedule a weekend appointment.

Contact us for any other questions you have about receiving co-op insurance. We proudly serve Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas, including Perrysburg, Sylvania, Maumee, Bowling Green, and more.

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