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Allstate Renters Insurance in Toledo, OH

Your landlord has insurance, so why would you need a renters insurance policy? It's because your landlord's policy covers the building itself, not you or your belongings. When you want peace of mind about your personal property being protected, sign up for Allstate Renters Insurance. In Toledo, OH, and surrounding areas, there's a renters insurance company you can trust.

The William Swade Agency keeps you and your valuables protected. Renters insurance policies ensure that you receive fair compensation should you be the victim of burglary, fire, or some other unexpected event that results in the loss of personal property.

Renters insurance is already inexpensive, but there are plenty of ways to save on a renters insurance policy. Adding renters insurance to your Allstate auto policy garners you a multi-policy discount. Other precautions you take for your safety positively affect your savings as well, including installation of security systems and fire detection systems. You'll find the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is protected is at a surprisingly low cost.

Allstate Landlord Insurance

You're the one that renters call when they have questions or need something fixed. Allstate is the landlord insurance company you trust when your property has been damaged. While homeowner's insurance is appropriate if you only rent out your home occasionally, you're going to want landlord insurance if the property is intended to serve as an investment.

Allstate Landlord Insurance protects all of the essential parts of your assets, including damages caused to the house, fence, and other parts of the property. Even tools such as lawnmowers or snow blowers can be covered if their purpose is to maintain your property. This insurance does not cover the tenants' private property, nor does it protect you from liability if the tenants have an accident and hurt themselves. However, you can always add in a note in your rental agreement that has the tenant sign up for renters insurance. You can also purchase umbrella insurance to protect you and your assets should your tenants ever experience an accident on your property.

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